Are you interested in what you need to know when looking for work during the Pandemic? If you are a Mandarin-speaking immigrant living in BC, you are welcome to join these free online workshops in Mandarin on October 26th, 27th and 28th.


Contents 內容
  • Session 1:BC Job Market during the Pandemic
  • Session 2:Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity (Introducing Resources)
  • Session 3:Important Things to Consider while Working during the Pandemic
  • 第一节: BC 省疫情时求职市场须知
  • 第二节: 利用疫情·把握时机 (学习和资源介绍)
  • 第三节: 疫情中工作重要注意事项

Date and Time
日期 时间

OCT 26, 2020 MON 11AM-12PM: 22020 年 10 月26 日 (星期一) 上午11 –中午12 时
OCT 27, 2020 TUES 11AM-12PM: 2020 年 10 月27 日 (星期二) 上午11 –中午12 时
OCT 28, 2020 WED 10-11AM: 2020 年 10 月28 日 (星期三) 上午10 –11 时


请电 Please Call: 604-330-7497
电邮至 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Registration Link/链接:

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After the registration, we will contact you to validate your information and confirm the registration. Please have your Permanent Resident card or immigration documents available. Meeting link to the workshop will be emailed to you.
收到您的注册信息后 , 我们工作人员会与您 联系以确认并核对您的信息. 请您准备您的永久居民卡或提供 移民文件信息. 讲座登录链接会通过电子邮件给您发送

  • Priority is given to Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, Protected Persons, and Live-in Caregivers.
    永久居民, 公约难民,受保护人士和住家保姆优先登记
  • Residents of BC only
  • Seats are limited. Registration is required.
    名额有限, 需提前登记



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