Employment Skills Development for SUCCESS is a free, 8 week, 8 module course for eligible Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program clients with a CLB level of 6-8 who would like the opportunity to increase their knowledge of key employment-related areas and plan what their next steps will be in order to feel ready to navigate the BC Labour Market. Designed to prepare you with information, tools and resources to successfully engage with the the BC Labour Market, this course covers the following 8 key employment related areas:


  • Week 1: Job Readiness and Life Skills
  • Week 2: Credential Recognition Process
  • Week 3: Alternative Career Pathways
  • Week 4: Canadian Workplace Culture
  • Week 5: How to Gain Canadian Work Experience
  • Week 6: Professional Development Networking and Job Search Skills
  • Week 7: Community Employment Programs
  • Week 8: Educational Opportunities and Supports


Each week, new modules with new topics will be revealed and you will have webinars to listen to, activities to do, journal entries to write and suggested videos to watch.  You will also have an opportunity to interact with your instructor as well as the other participants in this online course.  In order to enhance the experience, it is also recommended to make one-to-one appointments as needed with your local Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program Settlement Practitioners who can assist you with ongoing settlement needs.