The overarching goal of this comprehensive, 6 week, online, Clear Communication for the Workplace course is to help participants communicate clearly and effectively in the workplace. The course covers core topics commonly experienced by most employees. These topics include the following:  


  • Introductions and small talk
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Communicating with others I
  • Communicating with others II
  • Working with others
  • Writing in the workplace 

Participants go through online content, quizzes, discussion forums and assignments, with the constant guidance of their online teacher who supports them every step of the way! After meeting all the requirements of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion.


Students said in the past:

"Many multimedia materials, which attract me, and help me understand content.  Voice call, improving my spoken English, and the teacher answered my questions face to face over the network."

"...It is step by step.  And this course uses multimedia that makes the course interesting... I like the discussion part that let me learn other students' idea."

"...I could see other students' comments, it is a good interaction."



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Location Online
Important Note:
  • Eligibility: 
    • CLB Level 6 to 8.  If you are in LINC 7 level or above, you can apply.
    • Permanent Residents, Protected Persons, Convention Refugees, or Live-in Caregivers
    • A resident in BC
  • Proof of CLB Level 6-8 :  Please email a copy of your CLB language assessment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Your CLB benchmarks for all four areas - reading, writing, speaking and listening - should be CLB 6 or above.  If one or more areas do not meet the requirement yet, your recommended LINC class should be at least LINC 7.  If you don't have the assessment, submit any equivalent proof such as an IELTS result, a diploma or degree from an English speaking college or university.  We will review and confirm your admission. 


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