Is your family prepared for an emergency situation?  Are you a Mandarin speaking immigrant living near Burnaby?  Come and join this free workshop to learn about how to prepare for an emergency situation for your family.

Contents (内容)

  • Understanding the Hazards | 緊急災難類別及其應急準備
  • What to Prepare for an Emergency Kit | 避難包和急救箱準備
  • Making a Family Emergency Plan | 如何制定家庭防災計劃
  • Q & A | 問答


Speaker | 主講人 Representative from City of Burnaby | 本拿比市公共安全與社區服務代表
Registration & Inquiry | 咨詢報名熱綫 Tel. 604-430-1899
Location | 地點 CCM Centre, 2nd Floor, Crystal Mall, 4533 Kingsborough St., Burnaby, BC, V5H 4V3
  • Seats are limited! Register earlier.
  • Priority is given to Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, Protected Persons, and Live-In-Caregivers.
    位置將優先保留給 永久居民、公約難民、受保護人士及住家保姆
  • Please have your proof of permanent residency document ready.




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