Learn about Canadian citizenship through this information and orientation series. If you are a Tigrinya speaking immigrant living in BC, join this free series of webinars.


Date & Time / ዕለትን ሰዓትን

Topic / ኣርእስቲ

Day 1: August 14, 2020, Friday; 10:00am-12:00pm 1ይ መዓልቲ፡ ነሓሰ 14 ፡ 2020 ዓርቢ 10:00ቅቀ-12:00ድቀ

Application for Canadian citizenship መመልከቲ ንዜግነት ካናዳ

Day 2: August 21, 2020, Friday; 10:00am-12:00pm 2ይ መዓልቲ፡ ነሓሰ 21 ፡ 2020 ዓርቢ 10:00ቅቀ-12:00ድቀ

Rights and Responsibilities/History መሰላትን/ግቡኣትን/ታሪኽን

Day 3: August 28, 2020, Friday; 10:00am-12:00pm 3ይ መዓልቲ፡ ነሓሰ 28 ፡ 2020 ዓርቢ 10:00ቅቀ-12:00ድቀ

Modern Canada/Government System/Election ሓዳሽ ካናዳ/ስርዓት መንግስቲ/ምርቻ

Day 4: September 04, 2020, Friday; 10:00am-12:00pm 4ይ መዓልቲ፡ መስከረም 04 ፡ 2020 ዓርቢ 10:00ቅቀ-12:00ድቀ

Justice System/Symbols/Economy ስርዓት ሕጊ/ኣርማታት/ቁጠባ

Day 5: September 11, 2020, Friday; 10:00am-12:00pm 5ይ መዓልቲ፡ መስከረም 11 ፡ 2020 ዓርቢ 10:00ቅቀ-12:00ድቀ

Regions/Provinces ዞባታት/ክፍለ ሃገራት


Tamrat Weldemenkorios, Tigrinya Settlement Practitioner
ታኣምራት ወልደመንቆርዮስ, ተሓጋጋዚ መነባብሮ ብትግርኛ


Phone: 604-360-5048 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seats are limited. Registration is required. ዘለና ቦታ ውሑድ’ዩ፡፡ ምዝገባ ግዴታ’ዩ።


Online Workshop via Zoom; the invitation link will be sent after registration.
ብዙም ዝወሃብ ናይ ኢንተርነት ኣስተምህሮ ፡ ምስተመዝገብኩም ናይ ዕድመ ሊንክ ክለኣኸልኩም እዩ

Notes Priority is given to Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, Protected Persons, and Live-in Caregivers.
ቀዳምነት ዝወሃብ ንቀወምቲ ነበርቲ : ስደተኛታትን : ዕቑባትን ምስ ተኣላዪ ዝነብሩን


We will contact you to validate your information and confirm the registration. Please have your Permanent Resident card or immigration documents available.
ሓበሬታኹም ንምርጣብ ክንረኽበኩምን ምዝገባ ከነረጋግጽን ኢና። በጃኹም ቀዋሚ መንበሪ ካርድ ሓዝዎ ወይ ናይ ኢሚግሬሽን ሰነዳትኩም ኣዳልዉ።


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