Join us in this orientation to learn about BC Housing and RAP. If you are a Tigrinya speaking immigrant living in BC, you are welcome to join this free webinar.


Content ትሕዝቶ
  • Introduction to BC housing & RAP
  • Eligibility for BCHousing & RAP
  • How to apply for BC Housing & RAP
  • Documents needed to apply
  • ኣፍልጦ ገዛ መንግስትን ሓገዝ ክራይን
  • ንሓገዝ ክራይን ገዛ መንግስትን ቁቡላት
  • ብኸመይ ነዚ መደብ ተመልክቱ
  • ንኸተመልክቱ ዘድልዩ ሰነዳት

Date and Time

December 05, 2020 (Saturday) 11:00AM – 1:00PM
ታሕሳስ 05, 2020 (ቀዳም) 11:00 ቅ.ቀ.– 1:00 ድ.ቀ.


Tamrat Weldemenkorios, Settlement Practitioner


Phone: 604-360-5048 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seats are limited. Registration is required. | ዘለና ቦታ ውሑድ’ዩ፡፡ ምዝገባ ግዴታ’ዩ።



Online Workshop via Zoom; the invitation link will be sent after registration.
ብዙም ዝወሃብ ናይ ኢንተርነት ኣስተምህሮ ፡ ምስተመዝገብኩም ናይ ዕድመ ሊንክ ክለኣኸልኩም እዩ

Eligibility: Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, Protected Persons and Live-in Caregivers
We will contact you to validate your information and confirm the registration. Please have your Permanent Resident card or immigration documents available.


ቅቡላት፦ ቀዋሚ መንበሪ ዘለዎም : ስደተኛታት : ዕቑባት: ምስ ተኣላዪ ዝነብሩ
ሓበሬታኹም ንምጽራይን ከም ዝተመዝገብኩም ንምርግጋጽን ክንድውለልኩም ኢና። በጃኹም ቀዋሚ መንበሪ ካርድ ወይ ናይ ኢሚግሬሽን ሰነዳትኩም ኣዳልዉ።


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