Are you a Mandarin speaking newcomer living near Burnaby?  Come to this free workshop to understand home insurance. 


  • What is Home Insurance?
  • What is covered by Home Insurance?
  • Policy wording and things you need to know
  • Claims and other frequently asked questions
  • 什麼是房屋保險?
  • 房屋保險的保障範圍
  • 保險條款及須注意事項
  • 賠償及其他常見問題


Speaker | 主講人 John Huang, BCAA Agent
Registration & Inquiry | 諮詢或報名請致電 Tel. 604-430-1899
Venue | 地點 Tommy Doublas Library, 7311 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
  • Priority will be given to Permanent Residents, Protected Persons, and Live-in Caregivers.
    名額有限,位置將優先保留給永久居民、公約難民、受保護人士及住家保姆。 請提前電話報名;講座當日請攜帶移民證件 。
  • Seats are limited. Registration is required.
  • Please have your proof of permanent residency document ready.

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