“Releaf Tree Planting” organized by the City of Surrey’s Parks and Recreation department takes place every Saturday in September and October. Despite rain in the morning, the sun came out and everyone enjoyed a mud-free activity at Aspen Park.

Everyone was warmly welcomed by the City of Surrey staff and witnessed a demonstration on how to grow plants in the designated site. This included information about the suitable size and depth of the hole to dig, how to “massage” the plant (especially the ones with growing roots) before planting to loosen the soil and help the roots stretch out. 

Participants with no planting experience still found it to be an enjoyable event. Everyone was welcomed to re-visit their plants in a few months to show friends and family the value of contributing to their community. The city of Surrey’s staff was very accommodating and allowed us to stay a bit longer, then bade us farewell with a berry seeding gift for everyone – this is common in the City of Surrey and turns into fresh berries.