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We welcome all eligible newcomers to take advantage of our services. The Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program is a great way to learn about and e nhance your experience of settling and integrating into your new community. View All


An island city, Richmond's growth has been rapid from a rural and agricultural community to an urban and international city. The city is home to a large and growing proportion of immigrants and over two-thirds of the population are of Asian descent. Richmond also has a strong inter-faith community; No. 5 Road is home to a number of community churches, mosques, temples, and religious schools. Even though it has developed immensely, Richmond is still home to 1,400 acres in parks and 200 acres in recreation trail system, and committed to protecting its farmlands. As Richmond is further away from the mountains, the city receives an estimated 30% less rain than Vancouver!

Services are offered in the following languages:

English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Dari, Persian(Farsi), Pashto, Korean and Japanese.

Services Offered in Richmond

Richmond provides many FREE services for eligible immigrants, refugees and their families. Services vary in each region. Discover the services we can provide you in Richmond and how you can register to participate below:

Eligible immigrants, refugees and their families can make a FREE appointment with our friendly and professional settlement staff. Our settlement staff can provide you with orientation and information about living in Canada and information about employment in Canada.

We can provide you and your family with comprehensive and current information in many key settlement topics including: Housing and accommodation, Transportation systems, Health care, and more!

Private appointments for job seekers are available to provide you with information about local labour market trends, resume writing and interview skills, Canadian workplace culture, and job search resources.

Contact us to make an in-person one-to-one appointment.

We offer many FREE workshops to introduce settlement topics to eligible immigrants and refugees. These workshops introduce topics about integrating into Canadian life and learning about the Canadian labour market. Employment workshops also include employer engagement to introduce newcomers to job opportunities.

Workshops provide you and your family with comprehensive and current information in many key settlement topics including:

  • Housing and accommodation
  • Transportation systems in British Columbia (BC)
  • Health care in BC
  • Child education
  • Adult education (Universities, Colleges, Occupational training, etc.)
  • English language training
  • Finding employment in BC
  • Foreign credential recognition in BC
  • Supports for family
  • Money and finance
  • Canadian and BC law
  • Volunteering and making new friends in the community
  • And more

Explore our upcoming workshops to discover more session topics and Contact us to register for our in-person workshops.

English Language training helps newcomers to settle into their communities, integrate into Canadian society and find employment.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) courses are FREE, government-funded English language classes for eligible immigrants and refugees. LINC instructors use settlement themes to teach reading, writing, listening and speaking skills within the framework of Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Clear Communication for the Workplace involves employment-focussed English language training.

Richmond offers:

  • LINC Literacy to 8
  • LINC Blended
  • Clear Communication for the Workplace Blended
  • Listening & Speaking

Digital Literacy & English Language Skills Courses prepare Newcomers for online language leaning and the use of technology for home, school & work. Digital literacy helps clients to stay informed and connected to their local community and removes barriers to access settlement service and employment and community resources. Cybersecurity and data privacy awareness supports clients to increase digital footprint awareness, learn how to protect private information and to navigate online materials safely.

English Conversation Circle helps participants improve their listening and speaking skills.

Contact us to find out more and to register for in-person English language training courses.

Employment Skills Development for SUCCESS prepares eligible immigrants and refugees with job seeking skills and soft employment skills to access the Canadian labour market. The course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to transition into a career in the Canadian labour market.

Contact us to ask us about Employment Skills Development for SUCCESS and to register.

The Career Mentoring for SUCCESS Program brings eligible immigrants and refugees and experienced mentors together to foster professional networks and connections. As a participant, Career Mentoring for SUCCESS will bridge you to career success by providing you with the information you need in your field of expertise. Your mentor will provide you with information, support, and guidance to jumpstart your professional career in Canada.

Contact us to participate in the Career Mentoring for SUCCESS.

Are you an aspiring leader? We are also looking for mentors for our Career Mentoring for SUCCESS programs in any occupational field. Mentoring is a great way to broaden your coaching skills, build inclusive environments, and demonstrate your leadership skills. Contact us to discover how you can showcase your leadership skills as a career mentor.

The Employer Engagement for SUCCESS Program provides eligible immigrants and refugees with the opportunity to access employers from specific industries through meeting employers or job fair events. As a participant, Employer Engagement for SUCCESS will provide you with information on industry trends and standards, basic skills and certification requirements and general information of specific workplaces and sectors.

Contact us to participate in the Employer Engagement for SUCCESS

The Digital Navigation services support access to online ISIP services in order to increase Newcomer digital literacy. 1-1 and group digital coaching sessions are available.

Contact us to participate in our fun and innovative Digital Navigation services.

We work with Newcomer Women and Newcomer Seniors to advocate for improved access to culturally responsive healthcare. The focus of our health & wellness programming is on prevention and on the broad determinants of health. One-to-one support is provided with information and health care system navigation support, assisting clients to engage in local communities and to feel included in decisions related to their health. Virtual & in-person health & wellness drop-in support provides regular opportunities for Newcomer Women and Newcomer Seniors to engage in health-related conversations and to increase comfort in discussing health and wellness topics. Knowledge is shared through virtual and in person activities including guest speaker presentations by healthcare professionals on topics such as nutrition, healthy relationships and mindfulness-based stress management.

Contact us to participate in our fun and innovative Health and Wellness Navigation.

The We Live Here Program introduces eligible immigrants and refugees to their community. This innovative program will help you practice your English while building connections with community members and community organizations. Activity in the Richmond region includes community tours. Other ISIP regions may also provide Canadian and multicultural community celebrations, recreation connect, and knowing Canada-parenting program.

Contact us to participate in our fun and innovative We Live Here programs.

See how people are participating in We Live Here on our Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program Community page.

We Volunteer Here programs introduce eligible immigrants and refugees to volunteer opportunities with connections to organizations. As a volunteer, you will have opportunities to build social and professional networks, obtain Canadian work and volunteer experience, and practice your English in a safe environment facilitated by friendly and professional settlement staff.

Contact us to find out how you can volunteer with the We Volunteer Here programs and be an active part in your community.

See how people are volunteering in their communities on our Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program Community page.

Champions of SUCCESS showcases the contributions of outstanding Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program volunteers, newcomer clients, established Canadians, employers and community organizations in supporting newcomer integration into the community.

Discover our latest Champions of SUCCESS on our Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program Community page.