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The Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program provides many community programs for eligible immigrants, refugees & their families and also involve the participation of many established Canadians.

Participating in community connections programs is a great way for newcomers to learn about culture, make meaningful connections with established Canadians, and practice English speaking and listening skills. We also encourage organizations, communities and employers to get involved in collaborating with newcomers through our programs.

Our We Live Here program gives you an opportunity to learn about Canadian culture through community tours, community circles, and Canadian and multicultural celebrations. Our We Volunteer Here program will help you discover ways to get connected to your local community through volunteering.

Our Champions of SUCCESS community event acknowledges outstanding participants, mentors, organizations, communities and employers that participate in our employment & community connections programs.

Select below to find out more about our programs.

The We Live Here program introduces eligible immigrants, refugees & their families to their community. This innovative program will help you practice your English while building connections with community members, community organizations and participate in city tours and cross-cultural recreational activities and celebrations.

Select some of our We Live Here programs below to find out more:

Social Mentoring

Discover the community with established Canadian mentors with our Social Mentoring programs! You will be matched with established local residents to help you become familiar with Canadian culture and local community resources. Social mentoring programs promote English language practice while participating in recreational activities, and building connections with community members and community organizations.

Are you an established resident that can share knowledge about your local community? Our social mentoring program is recruiting social mentors! Social mentoring is a great way for established residents like you to share your knowledge about your local community. You can expand your social network and engage in a meaningful experience with a newcomer to your community.

Ask your local Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program location to find out where you can participate in a social mentoring program.

Community Tours

Community tours bring newcomers to explore and learn about their local communities in a friendly environment. Tours are a great way to practice English speaking and listening skills, and are a way to meet new people. Community tours include tours of the city, recreation centres, justice centres, and many more!

Contact your local Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program office to find out and participate in upcoming community tours.

Community Circles

We provide many community circles for newcomers to share experiences with other newcomers while exploring the community, and learning about the diverse cultures in Canada. Support groups that we offer include:

  • Newcomer Support Circles
  • Family & Parenting Circles
  • Youth Circles
  • Women's Circles
  • Senior Circles
  • Social Circles

Contact your local Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program office for more information.

Canadian and Multicultural Celebrations

The Canadian and Multicultural Celebrations are educational, awareness-raising events to showcase people of different cultures in the community. Participants share their culture while engaging and interacting with other members of the community while making new friends.

To find out more, please contact an Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program location.

See some of the showcased We Live Here activities that ISIP newcomers have participated in here.

We Volunteer Here introduces eligible immigrants, refugees and their families to volunteer opportunities and connect them to organizations. As a volunteer participant, you will have opportunities to obtain Canadian experience, build social and professional networks, and practice your English in a safe and friendly environment facilitated by friendly and professional settlement staff.

See some of the showcased We Volunteer Here activities that ISIP volunteers have participated in here.

To find out more, please contact an Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program location.

Champions of SUCCESS showcases the contributions of the Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program's volunteers, newcomer clients, established Canadians, employers and community organizations in supporting newcomer integration into the community. The Champions of SUCCESS Event acknowledges outstanding participants, mentors, organizations, communities and employers that participate in community connections and employment programs.

This event also promotes and celebrates newcomer, community and employer efforts to encourage the successful connection and integration of newcomers in the local community. Civic leaders and community decision makers are invited to endorse and celebrate the success of community connections for newcomers in their local communities.

Discover the Champions of SUCCESS of your community here!

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