The City of Surrey held the “Surrey Doors Open” event in June that offered an opportunity for newcomers to find out about local businesses and city-run facilities in the Surrey area that are open to the public to access. At the event there was live entertainment, historical performances, arts and crafts and access to food trucks. Newcomers who attended this event were able to sit in on a reenactment performance at the Surrey Archives where they listened to the history of schools in Surrey from the 1800's, as well as history of the build of the Peace Arch at the USA and Canadian border. After visiting the archives, the group toured the Surrey Museum while they waited to board the free Hop-on Hop-off Trolley. The trolley experience allowed for participants to hear the history of the agricultural world of Surrey and provided transportation to the local horse racetrack. At the racetrack, participants were engaged in learning about the history of horse-racing in Surrey and were provided a tour of the barn facilities where the horses were kept. The group finished the event with a tour of the BC Vintage Truck Museum where they were guided through a warehouse of collector trucks dating back to 1914. Everyone had a great time at the event and were grateful to the City of Surrey for putting on this event.