Making sure to plan before any trip will help you feel confident and comfortable spending time in nature!

In spring 2022, we were excited to resume outdoor activities in person after several years of being online. Participating in Parks Canada’s Learn-to Camp team for a family-friendly program, newcomers acquired basic camping skills, explored different types of camping, and learned about local National Parks.

Following government health regulations and prioritizing safety precautions, newcomer participants and instructors maintained a safe distance from one another. The instructors from Parks Canada brought equipment, displayed essentials for the trip, and demonstrated what to pack for the camping. During the interactive presentation, participants asked about camping in the greater Vancouver area and played a fun game!

Participants expressed appreciation for learning to decide what kind of camping experience is right for them, how to reserve a campsite, and how to pack the essentials for the trip. As a result, they felt more confident and comfortable connecting with nature in Richmond and Vancouver.