What services did you expect to have from the library, except for borrowing books? Our newcomers would love to share their fantastic in-person tour experience in Richmond Public Library with you. First, the friendly librarian demonstrated how to navigate the library website to utilize online resources related to life-long learning and newcomers’ services. She then gave us a site tour and showed the most astounding storeroom—a bunch of “featured collections” like fishing sets, hiking equipment, and ukuleles — the public could borrow to enrich their well-being and to expand their life experiences. You might get a sense of how enriching this tour was from the quote of our participants:

“This was a wonderful tour! The Richmond Public Library possessed an enormous Chinese collection, and other services were available to newcomers, like training courses, employment resources, and volunteer opportunities. We could also borrow different types of activity sets and tool kits. Overall, it was a fruitful trip, and I would use more library service.”

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