Peter and I have been here in Richmond since May of 2014. We are so happy that we have had a chance to enjoy Richmond ISIP’s services together. I know that you will understand your new community better if you try some of the things that we did. We made new friends every time we participated in a different activity.

The Richmond City Tour really gave us a chance to understand our new city where we live. This is a photo of us in the crowd at Richmond City Hall. There are so many things that we never would have heard about if we didn’t join ISIP activities: like the Salmon Festival in July, the Richmond World Festival in September and the Diwali Celebration in October. What an exciting way to learn not just about all the different cultures in Canada but practical things too! Like we attended really useful educational workshop related to the medical services plan.

We recommend that you ask your Settlement Practitioner about volunteer opportunities in the community to meet even more local Richmond people. We also think that you would find the Career Mentoring for SUCCESS Program really useful to get some career advice from someone in Canada already working in your occupational field.