You may know that Vancouver is world-renowned for its culturally diverse and creative food scene. But did you know that it’s possible for cooks to flex their culinary muscles by using a tiny camp-stove, pots/pans and simple ingredients? That’s what we, the Burnaby/New Westminster newcomer group, went to John Hendry Park in East Vancouver to find out! The BC Mountaineering Club staff and members hosted a BBQ and Cook-Off event, where we each shared our potluck dish, enjoyed a free burger and witnessed an innovative cooking competition. More than a handful of teams competed against each other using only camp-stove as their heating source and were given 30 minutes to create healthful dishes to impress the audience and judges. Those yummy creations are proof that you don’t need to compromise the quality of food in exchange for travelling in the backcountry to enjoy pristine nature. In more ways than one, mountaineers know how to have fun!

What a way for newcomers to experience a local community in a novel way

(Photo Credits: Brandon Wang)