At this time of year – summer – the skytrain is packed with people destined for the airport to go on vacation. And so our group of 18 adult English learners made its way to YVR as well… however not for a vacation but rather for an educational visit. An enthusiastic airport tour guide met us at the skytrain platform and engaged everyone by providing interesting facts about the location and layout of the airport, the control tower and the overall airport operations. We learnt some very meaningful information about the art and architecture of YVR reflective of the province’s diverse landscape and people. Indigenous art is located throughout the airport and it provides the millions of travelers with a calming and inspiring force at the same time. We had the wonderful opportunity to see YVR from a different perspective, perhaps one that many never get to experience. Needless to say, for our next vacation, we will be arriving at YVR well ahead of check-in time to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of all that YVR has to offer. A very memorable fieldtrip!