Ecstatic and eager to explore a new space, a new environment where we could learn outside of the classroom and yet still be together as a class, we ventured to the Telus World of Science. We gratefully accepted the offer of complimentary admission for our class as otherwise some of us would have never experienced all the new words, new pictures, conversations and not to mention the hands-on exposure this field trip brought with it. 2019 06 02 telus science world A

Some of our stops included BMO’s Sustainability exhibit: explore electricity, water consumption and waste. We learnt how our everyday decisions can affect the world around us. Everyone was amazed to find out how much water it takes to have a meal prepared. We also made sure to try our hand at shooting water wisely – what a great exhibit to engage in sustainability. Our next stop would be the Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature – an interactive and immersive exhibition that exposes and explains the mathematical patterns that abound in the natural world. From the delicate nested spirals of a sunflower’s seeds to the layout of the universe, this exhibition provided a unique perspective on our daily surroundings. The elaborate mirror maze in which you can navigate a seemingly infinite pattern of mirrors was the highlight of this exhibit. Great fun!

2019 06 02 telus science world B

These are just a few highlights of this once again very memorable fieldtrip. We also had a chance to explore Body Works – a gallery that celebrates diversity and all the wonderful things that makes each of us unique; Eureka – hands-on discoveries that bring out the curious scientist in all of us and the Sara Stern Gallery where we got to sniff out the aromatic scent of cedar, listen to the buzz of bees and stand beneath a towering T-Rex. Just to mention a few.

If we learned one thing from this field trip, it would be to never stop discovering nature’s amazing wonders. We’ll never look at the world in the same way again. Thank you Telus World of Science.