Surrey RCMP had an open house on May 11th, 2019 for the public to explore police vehicles, including an Air One helicopter, as well as meet and greet different teams like their Emergency Response Team, Explosive Disposal Unit, Forensic Identification Team, and Dive Team. Twelve families joined the event with ten children in a unique experience to a part of the community that was new to them where clients got to talk, joke and communicate closely and safely with members of the RCMP, which they were not able to do back home.

While the parents engaged in conversations about RCMP services, the youth family members were curious about job opportunities and ways to volunteer to gain more experience in that line of work. The children had a wonderful time sitting in different police vehicles. Clients realized that helicopters can be used for positive, safe purposes unlike their past experiences where unfortunately they associated helicopters with bombing. They learnt about the role of an Air One helicopter in saving lives, watching traffic hotspots, and supporting emergency cases.

Other activities included touring various booths such as fingerprinting and crime reporting, then everyone left happily with a goodie bag. Free hotdogs, popcorn and ice drinks were offered. One client commented that this event was a wonderful opportunity for his kids to get a positive experience with the police and consider joining a career with the RCMP. Even though the event officially wrapped up at 3, clients had a great time and left at 4:00. Clients are looking forward to RCMP’s next open house.