Newcomer families had a tour of Burnaby's Fire Hall. They had a chance to learn and understand about fire prevention and safety. After a group discussion about fire prevention and safety, the firefighters allowed the children to climb aboard and experience what it is like to ride on a fire truck. They learned about the important features of the fire truck and the equipment it carries. Children also got to experience what it is like to hold a firefighter’s water hose and spray water out! They even let one of the parent’s try on firefighter gear as a demonstration to show the children what firefighters wear and will look like in case of a fire, so they will be aware and will not be scared if firefighters show up.


2019 05 17 FirePrevention B

2019 05 17 FirePrevention C


2019 05 17 FirePrevention D

2019 05 17 FirePrevention E