The BCIT Aerospace Campus is filled with equipment that teaches students all about aircraft…. Guided by chief instructor, Ed, a group of Japanese newcomers explored several classrooms of machinery and equipment. The highlight of the tour was exploring the “Hanger.”  One participant exclaimed, “We finally find out what it looks like in there!”  The “Hanger” contained all different parts of aircrafts and helicopters -even a whole aircraft, B-737! Most participants were curious about the HUGE glass wall hanger beside Vancouver Airport. They were so thrilled that they finally had a  chance to check it out. Some children were inspired by the chance to go inside the cockpit, and three of them now say they want to become pilots in the future.  At the end of the tour, all participants were pleased about the tour. Many said, “It was such a unique experience to get to know our community by participating in a tour like this which we normally wouldn’t take part.” Thank you BCIT!