What happens when you mix caregivers with children, red, white and green paper strips, a whole variety of food from many cultures and a 2nd birthday cake for good measure? You get a whole lot of Family Literacy Program mingling and fun times!

On Thursday, December 18, the Family Literacy Program participants at the Surrey-Delta Service Centre wowed the staff and volunteers with their cooking skills. Who knew there were so many different ways to prepare rice (among other things)? But before we dug into those overflowing dishes, we made mini snowmen with white sparkly playdough, sang “Jingle Bells” while ringing our homemade egg carton bells, danced our energy out, and finished off our activities with a contest to see which parent-child group could make the longest paper chains without messing up the colour patterns.

We transitioned into the feasting by organizing a group picture as well as singing happy birthday to one of our participants… it was time to eat, and eat we did! The birthday cake was a great way to round out the festivities. Happy 2020 everyone!