The Burnaby/New Westminster newcomer volunteer team (around 23 volunteers) wrote “Thank You” letters to Frontline Heath Care Workers at Ridge Meadows Hospital.

       As newcomers, our group of volunteers dedicated their time to write “Thank You” letters to the frontline health care workers at Ridge Meadows hospital. The workers are front and centre, taking care of our most vulnerable folks with care and enthusiasm, despite the risks and fears; the community literally couldn’t keep going without these workers. Thus, our volunteers wanted to appreciate their great work and to show their support with “Thank You” letters.

Here’s what our volunteers had this to say about their experience:

J. Y: “I could get a taste of volunteering which suits my interests and skills. I am glad to have an opportunity to appreciate the health care workers by writing a letter to them”.

H.K: “I was happy to show my support for the frontline health care workers because I always believe that they are heroes to keep this community going. I felt more connected and involved in the community. I would like to continue volunteering for community”.