Richmond celebrated Philippine Independence Day with a flag raising ceremony, government officials, traditional songs, dances and many interesting booth displays. Newcomers Benson, Jessie and Rosario enjoyed volunteering for this traditional event in which SUCCESS partnered with the Multicultural Helping House Society and many other community groups and civic organizations.  Benson, Jessie and Rosario enthusiastically shared their excitement:

  • Benson: "The event was so entertaining! It was great to be part of celebrating cultural events.  I even got to see Richmond's Mayor in person!"
  • Jessie: "I wanted to learn more about the Filipino culture and to make more friends.  By volunteering, I learned so much and I can't wait to participate in more events like this in the future!"
  • Rosario: "This brings back so many memories!  I used to attend these kind of celebrations back in Singapore when I was invited by the Philippine Embassy!  How fun to meet new friends at this similar event in Richmond where I can meet new friends who are so kind and willing to give a helping hand to newcomers like me!"