Who was ready to say goodbye to summer? No one was there yet. So instead, a group of newcomers gathered to relish the last bit of summer, committing themselves to green spaces in the community. With a warm welcome from the Urban Bounty staff, everyone dug into building garden beds using power drills, lumbers, stakes, shovels, mallets, and some hand tools after clear demonstrations. Before arriving at the plot, none of the participants had any gardening expertise, but everyone had found the morning enjoyable. Participants put effort into helping build neighbours’ garden beds and had opportunities to interact with them. Participants were told they would be welcome to harvest any vegetables once it’s ready.

At the end of the event, all agreed on what one participant said, “I wish many other newcomers knew about these activities so that they can feel more connected to the community and have a glimpse of what Canadian society looks like.”


*The Urban Bounty limited the number of participants to five including a SUCCESS staff.*