“There’s no better time to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary than on our nation’s birthday!” On 1st of July, the City of Richmond hosted the ultimate birthday party in celebration of Canada’s 150th year of Confederation to ignite the passions of local residents, honor the community’s distinct and vibrant cultural diversity, leave lasting legacies that foster civic pride and carry the spirit of Canada’s 150th anniversary into the future.

I am one of the ‘We Volunteer Here’ participants and it’s my first volunteer experience in Canada. Besides giving out a hand to the event, I also gave big smiles to the crowds throughout the day. In the red t-shirt and with the signature volunteer badge, we were so excited and proud to experience Canada Day in such a fun way! “Be a part of the history, while contributing to the success of this incredible event is amazing! Without support from SUCCESS staff, I cannot make it! Thank you!” “I feel like I am a Canadian now!” “I can show my t-shirt and badge when I apply for citizenship!”

City of Richmond event volunteer coordinator also gave high comments on our performance “Everyone was very independent and hardly needed much guidance after they were paired or sent off to their station. I especially appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and sense of responsibility at their role.”