Mural restoration builds connections between newcomers and Indigenous communities in East Vancouver.

A group of newcomer volunteers helped in restoring the mural which borders Clark Park on Commercial Drive between 14th and 18th Avenue in East Vancouver. Mural 'Community Walls, Community Voices' was initiated in 2002 by the Vancouver Native Education Centre. At the time, artists Richard Tetrault, Dan Bushnell and Jerry Whitehead worked with over 300 community members to create the mural which stretches for two blocks long.

While taking part in the community mural restoration, our volunteers had a chance to meet with the original artists to learn about the art-making process and enjoyed discovering the unique stories behind each mosaic. We also learned that ‘Community Walls, Community Voices’ aims to bridge people together, just like the volunteers are making a new tie with local communities and cultures.

Upon the completion of the restoration, our volunteers were so proud to see the mural is bright and beautiful again.