Here’s what our talented volunteers had this to say about their experience volunteering in the City of New Westminster’s Grand Prix this year.

Young: “It was my first volunteer experience since I came to Canada. I had a lot of fun with kids and made new friends from different cultures. I also increased my own knowledge on community resources through volunteering and felt more connected and involved in the community. I would like to continue volunteering for community”.

2019 07 09 Grand Prix We Volunteer Here B

Jane: “I could get a taste of volunteering which suits my interests and skills. I wasn’t confident enough to volunteer for community. However, through this experience, I got confident to speak in English with people. I also had a lot of fun with kids and their families. I felt that I am valuable and productive”.

2019 07 09 Grand Prix We Volunteer Here C

As newcomers, our group of volunteers helped out at the “New West Grand Prix” on July 9, 2019. This event was hosted by the City of New Westminster as a part of BC Super week, one of the most prestigious cycling events in North America! There were over 200 cyclists across different age groups participating. The race featured a mass start and a 935-meter long circuit that cyclists had to navigate around in order to complete 45-55 laps.

This year, our volunteers were stationed at the Registration Desk and Kids Zone. Our volunteers welcomed people with a big smile and guided participants to the competition area. They were also in charge of running the arts & crafts activities. They interacted with kids who got to try a variety of fun activities like chalk drawing, creating bubbles, balloon figures, and coloring.

Our volunteers made sure to keep the activity area safe for kids while engaging them, so the kids had a fun and memorable experience. Our team was part of a larger volunteer effort that made the “New West Grand Prix” a very fun and successful event as we had very talented and dedicated volunteers who knew how to interact with kids and their families.