Surrey Fusion Festival - Holland Park

At the Fusion Festival, I felt like I was travelling around the world in one day. There were so many cultural displays from 100 countries.We tasted food from Indonesia, Germany, China, India, Fiji, and more! For the first in my lifetime, I saw these colourful pretty Russian nesting dolls and lots of other handmade crafts. People wore traditional dress and played their traditional music while they danced. Performances showcased stories from indigenous peoples and the history of Canada. We had a wonderful multicultural and international day!


Fleetwood Villa Senior Care Home - Fleetwood

We visited this gorgeous senior home and interacted with residents who live there happily. The facility was clean, neat and warm. Staff were friendly and caring. Services were tailored made to meet senior’s needs, such as weekly doctor’s  clinic inside the building, pharmacy services, laundry and housekeeping and even bus tour. It helped us to picture and plan our future ageing life


John and John's Berry Farm - Langley

This organic blueberry farm was a hidden gem. Seniors, who don’t drive, can come here by bus. The blueberries were so sweet. Organic food is perfect for ageing people like us to keep healthy. We were happy to support local farmers. We will definitely bring our friends here.


Granville Island - Vancouver

We ended our series of activities in Vancouver at Granville Island. It was so great to have time to explore the city with new friends we made along the way. Together we sat side by side looking out at the water and ate a picnic of different foods we brought to share. This day helped us all to look back on the fun things we did together this summer.