April Toh and her LINC 7 class visited the Richmond Fire Hall No. 3 on 6th March for an eye-opening experience at the newly built $20.7 million facility. This Fire Hall and Ambulance station, a British Columbia first, unifies both fire-rescue and ambulance services into one magnificent building. But the real deal is having Brian MacLeod, an experienced firefighter who now serves as the Community Relations Officer at Richmond Fire-Rescue, to do a 2-hour lesson for the whole class there! After learning about what to do in an emergency, how to use a fire extinguisher and much more - Brian gave us an extra unforgettable treat by letting us climb into the firetruck to take lots of photos! And of course, this amazing field trip was followed up with a Writing (WI) assessment - writing a letter to thank Brian - and guess what? It was an assessment the whole class loved!