As part of the We Live Here program, a group of Arabic- speaking newcomers enjoyed a fun-filled trip to Lynn Valley Suspension bridge. The bridge is one of the top tourist attractions that North Vancouver is very well known for. The group enjoyed the thrilling experience of crossing the 100 year-old swaying bridge to the beautiful hiking trails of Lynn Canyon Park.

The bridge is 40 meters long and is about 50 metres above the breathtaking pools and rivers of Lynn Creek.

After crossing the bridge, the group explored the mesmerizing trails and enjoyed cooling off on one of the rocky beaches at the end of the trail.

The trip was also a chance for the group to learn more about how to navigate the public transit system including buses, skytrains and the seabus.

Overall the trip was very enjoyable, relaxing and informative. All group members loved the park and decided to come back for a second visit with more family members.