The Petting Farm has been a unique and rare New Westminster city attraction since it first opened in 1906. A group of Filipino newcomers took the opportunity to experience it. They were able to see and touch animals like goats, peacocks, ducks, pigs, geese and more for free. A friendly farmer was on hand to introduce children to the barnyard animals as well as farm leaders to teach about the animals, answer questions and ensure everyone had a positive experience. The kids got the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a farmer by collecting chicken eggs, brushing the hair of the sheep and feeding the many farm animals. Afterwards, the children moved on to play in the park’s adventure playground and spray park. Thereafter, the group had lunch together. Throughout the trip, the group felt at ease and spoke freely with each other about their immigrant experiences and recommended community resources to each other. This activity provided families an opportunity to bond and spend time with their children and fellow newcomer adults. It was a lovely day spent at Queen Park which is located on the site of a converted fairground and is as old as Stanley Park. Although it isn’t as large as Stanley Park, it features a number of similar attractions, including the province's first spray park, adventure playground, a petting zoo, sports and picnicking facilities and beautifully groomed gardens.