Explore! Experience! Engage! Kathy Tycholis, Education and Public Programs Coordinator at the Richmond Art Gallery, made sure we did all the 3-Es at the recent exhibition put up by the well-known artist, Adad Hannah. At The Decameron Retold (based on Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th-century work, The Decameron) exhibition, we were so amazed to see the various characters in the different "paintings" blinking their eyes, only to soon learn that this is the performative magic of tableaux vivants ((living pictures/ still videos). If seeing is believing, listening is understanding - and we were all ears as Kathy patiently explained the techniques to us, and then even allowed us to don the costumes, and pose with the various props and sets. Just look at our photos, and you can tell how much fun we had! Kathy and gallery attendant, Renate, is among us - having an artistic blast too!